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Laurie Evinger 2003-2009       



artist's statement

Laurie Evinger

My jewelry designs are abstract and non-representational. Sometimes I dream the designs, sometimes they pop into my head when I'm awake and sometimes they just come together on my workbench.

Most of my pieces are made from sterling silver. I like to create contrasts and depth, and do so by combining elements with different shapes, textures or materials. In addition to silver, I may use leather, paint, patinas, metal clay and other precious and non-precious metals. My pieces are hand fabricated or cast. I do the hand fabrication myself and I make all the models for my cast elements.

Creating jewelry is a second career for me. After years of working as a project manager, I left to search for a life filled with art and beauty. I spent a year working in various mediums, but knew my search was over when I began to work with metal. I now live in Butte County, California, where every day I am inspired by the view from my studio windows.