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imaginations series

The imaginations series grew out of my love for silver and the sculptural.

Entirely in silver, I create designs that emphasize contrast through detail and depth.  Some pieces focus on dimension and are my mini-sculptures. These chunky, solid, abstract designs are my way of honoring the metal.

Other pieces focus on texture through detailed decoration. In fact, you will see that many of the earrings have a different design on each side.

I build my little three-dimensional abstract objects, by hand making models from metal clay. Using the lost wax process, multiples are then cast and I fabricate the earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. And, of course, this all happens right here in the USA.

My imaginations series is fun, upbeat and even a little bit quirky. Others have called it both whimsical and industrial; with “a lot going on in each piece”. One buyer compared them to Tinkertoys — playful and architectural. I think she captured their style beautifully!